It’s no secret that we love Chromebooks and truly believe in the future of cloud computing. Chromebooks are awesome for many reasons and they make great daily computers because they boot up in seconds, you don’t have to spend half your day updating the operating system, and are simple to use. But if you aren’t careful, your Chromebook might start to feel bogged down. So I want to go over 5 quick tips to optimize your Chromebook and keep it running fast.

1. Clean up your extension

Extensions are basically small packages of software that can run in the Chrome browser and you can use them to more easily get things done.  Occasionally though, some of your extensions can become outdated and can start to cause all kinds of issues. We always recommend cleaning up extensions when people are having issues with their Chromebook because normally an unsupported and outdated extension is normally the root of the problem.

2. Clean up your hard drive

Chromebooks are built for “the cloud” and so you will notice that most Chrome OS devices don’t have the same internal hard drive storage that you are accustomed to with Windows or Mac. That’s because most of your files should be in the cloud.

3. Use Google Drive for your downloads

You can take full advantage of Google Drive with this hack that many people aren’t aware of and it will technically work on a Chromebook or any other device using the Chrome browser. Changing your downloads to a Google Drive folder will automatically upload all your downloads to the cloud so they are always accessible from other devices…

4. Review and uninstall Apps

The new app manager in the Chrome OS settings is a useful place to see all your apps and review which ones you are using and which ones can be deleted. Although non-running apps don’t use system resources when they aren’t actively open, they are still using up your local storage…

5. Powerwash

If all else fails a Powerwash in Chrome OS will restore the Chromebook back to factory settings.  Like any other operating system, you might just run into a system glitch every now and then so a Powerwash from the lock screen can be a very useful hack.

Important point to consider: when you Powerwash, if you haven’t cleaned up problematic extensions and/or apps, they will be reinstalled upon signing in with the same account and thus, the same issues will persist. If after a Powerwash you end up seeing the same issues, make sure you are doing everything on the list above, too.

The information for this post was taken from an article by Joe Humphrey in CHROME UNBOXED, follow this link for the complete article and more details.